November 26, 2020, 4:49 am

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‘Schoolgirl abducted in Jaintapur, no arrest in 24 hours’ propaganda!

Sylhet Representative : Although 24 hours have passed since the abduction of a schoolgirl in Jaintapur, Sylhet, the police have not been able to arrest any accused due to mysterious reasons. Tensions are running high in the local area. At any time, the locals can start a movement again. However, a source said that the police were avoiding his arrest due to the influential umbrella of the ruling party.

It can also be seen that s p syilet is going viral through social media using a Facebook ID. Again, many are running various kinds of propaganda on behalf of the kidnappers. The administration is also playing a silent role against those propagandists. Speculations have appeared in the conscious court. According to them, if these propagandists can be brought under the law, it may be possible to find the fugitive accused.

It has been alleged that several smugglers were present at the meeting on the evening of the incident. They use the name of the ruling party to smuggle Indian goods into the country through various border areas of Sylhet. Jaintapur Model Police Station OC Mohsin Ali snatched a large amount of money from them. Such rumors have been created even in the conscious community. Because the locals are reluctant to speak out against these influential people. When they go to protest, they are attacked with steam rollers or lawsuits.

Besides, that cycle has been establishing Ram kingdom in Jaintapur upazila area for a long time. There are several hand-made yellow journalists in the upazila. They do not hesitate to cover up any incident. Their daily job is to stop propaganda and cover up a true incident. He was no exception in the case of abduction.

It has been learned that a whole syndicate of smugglers is led by Razakar Helal, the president of Haripur Bazar Committee. He is accompanied by a former BCL leader. There was also a case of embezzlement of government rice against him at Shahparan (Rah.) Police station in the city. He later defended himself by running a lobbying business. Another senior leader is from Haripur village area. He is an important member of Jaintapur Upazila Awami League.

The leader continued to commit various misdeeds by discrediting the names of local MPs, SPs, DCs and DIGs of Sylhet. Another leader is leading multiple organizations in the local area. His name was once on the mosque committee as his home was in Balipara village. He was later expelled from the committee by the local villagers for irregularities and corruption. As soon as any news was published against this cycle, they immediately talked to the reporters and squandered large sums of money.

If this does not work, he adopts a strategic approach with the turn force in the name of protest. In order to save themselves, sometimes processions, rallies and sometimes human chains. Otherwise, he involved the protesters in lawsuits and attacks. As a result, many simple people of Haripur area were deprived of justice. Mohsin Ali, OC of Jaintapur Model Police Station, acted as the guru of those officers.

Talking to OC Mohsin Ali on his mobile phone, he said that he was not aware of the virality of Facebook ID. Asked about the arrest of the accused, he said, “Yes, I promised to arrest the accused within 24 hours but I failed.” But hopefully the kidnappers will be brought under the law soon.
When Sylhet District Superintendent of Police Mohammad Farid Uddin contacted PPM on his mobile phone, he said, “I don’t know about Facebook.” In response to another question, he said that it may take some time for the police to arrest the abductors.

It may be mentioned that on Monday (October 26) at around 10:30 am, 2/3 young men tried to abduct a 12-year-old schoolgirl from Haripur Multipurpose High School who was going to take a private class. At first, with the help of OC Mohsin, some ruling party leaders tried to cover up the matter.

Later, when the locals blocked the Sylhet-Tamabil road and rallied by burning tires, the administration sat motionless. The blockade was lifted after the police, in collaboration with the Jaintapur Upazila Chairman, assured to arrest the accused within 24 hours. But 24 hours later, police have yet to make any arrests.

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