November 30, 2020, 10:11 am

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Strict action announced if SI Akbar is not arrested soon

Sylhet Bureau :The human chain program of Sylhet District and Metropolitan Businessmen Unity Welfare Council has been postponed till November 5 in connection with the death of Raihan Ahmed in ‘police torture’ at Bandarbazar outpost in Sylhet city.

Sheikh Makhan Mia, president of Sylhet District Businessmen Unity Welfare Council, and Abdur Rahman Ripon, president of the Metropolitan Businessmen Unity Council, confirmed the information in a press release on Tuesday (October 27th). In the same statement, the business leaders warned of stern action against SI Akbar, who was expelled from Bandarbazar police outpost, the main accused in Raihan’s murder, by November 5. In a statement, they said, “Those who are responsible for maintaining law and order are violating the law.” We do not want to feed any murderous police by paying people’s money. The corrupt killer SI Akbar and other policemen should be arrested and brought to justice.

The leaders further said, “Some police are committing one misdeed after another. There are various allegations against the police including extrajudicial killings, harassment of ordinary people, trapping of innocent people with drugs and weapons, extortion. If SI Akbar, the main accused in Raihan’s murder, is not arrested soon, the business leaders will be forced to carry out continuous protests.’

“If SI Akbar, the main accused in Raihan’s murder, is not arrested by November 5, there will be a crackdown on people from all over the country, including the people of Sylhet,” they added.

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