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Eggplant cultivation by bagging method in Fakirhat Subsistence farmer

Habibur Rahman,Fakirhat(Bagerhat): Bagging method of eggplant cultivation has become very popular in Fakirhat of Bagerhat. One in the first stage Although farmers experimentally cultivate eggplant in this way, the number goes up in a year There are 20 people standing. And 20 people are supportive. Fakirhat Upazila Agriculture Department in 2018 Provides training in eggplant cultivation to the marginal farmers of the upazila in bagging method Eggplant is cultivated in this method experimentally in Betaga of the upazila.

No bagging method in eggplant cultivation Types of pesticides are not used. Due to which there is a lot of demand for this eggplant in the local market. At present 20 farmers in the upazila are cultivating brinjal in 34,500 saplings in this manner. Eggplant in bagging method Farming is a completely new method in our country. Earlier, mango was cultivated by bagging method Mango farmers and garden owners of Chapainawabganj.

Diseases and insect infections in that continuity Eggplant cultivation has been started by bagging method to protect eggplant. Any kind of pesticide in the cultivation of this method It is possible to produce good quality eggplant without use. This technology does not require pesticide spraying,
As a result spray costs are saved. Eggplant polybags are used instead of pesticides. And if you use this bag as much as possible Can be used for 5 years.

However, if any polybag becomes unsuitable for use, collect it and throw it in the hole and set it on fire It is covered with soil. As a result, there is no harm to the environment. In eggplant production in this method On the one hand, as the use of harmful pesticides is being stopped, people are getting safe and detoxified Vegetables. Eggplant is one of the most widely used pesticides in the country. Even then About 25 to 30 percent of eggplants are destroyed by insects.

Sarjit Pal, a farmer from Dhanpota village in Betaga union of the upazila, said that in 2016, upazila agriculture I join an office training where I can learn about improved eggplant cultivation. Then with the help of agricultural officials I started bagging eggplant cultivation.

That’s me I never thought I would be able to be so supportive in cultivating this method for the first time. I was 3 years ago I used to cultivate eggplant in the normal way, in which about 8-9 kg of eggplant was wasted by insects per ounce. In the cultivation of the method, only 2-3 kg of eggplant is being lost per egg.

Farmers Shankar Kumar, Ripon Kumar Pal, Subal and Anand Kumar are inspired by the success of farmer Sarjit Pal. Said, at first I thought whether this method is profitable to cultivate? He did not get courage due to such hesitation. But Sarjit Seeing the success of the sail, we also started cultivating eggplant in this way. And this method of cultivation yields huge yields As has happened, the amount of eggplant loss has decreased many times as compared to the past.

In this regard, Fakirhat Upazila Agriculture Extension Officer Tanmoy Dutta said, we We provide training to the farmers about this method of cultivation This method of cultivation was started experimentally in Betaga. And farmers are also supported in this method of cultivation. Done.

Upazila Agriculture Officer Krishibid Nasrul Millat said the main enemy of brinjal is tip and fruit piercer. Farmers apply excessive pesticides to control insects. Which is for public health and the environment Harmful. Not only this, it also increases the production cost of eggplant.

14 times more than the tolerable level in the human body Quinalfus is found in eggplant. Diseases apply bagging technology to solve this problem It has been possible to protect eggplant from insect attacks. And as a result of using the bag, any bird, Eggplant will also be protected from rats and adverse weather.

When the bags are finished, the bags are burned together Is to be thrown. It is possible to produce relatively safe and non-toxic eggplant by bagging method. Root bagging Technology is now at hand. Anyone can use it in other fruits and crops if they want. We are experimental This method has been successful in eggplant cultivation.

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