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Sreepur Bura Mosque : 300 Years Old Tradition

Md Shahadat Hossain: Boalkhali upazila is located on the eastern bank of the river Karnafuli near Chittagong city.The upazila has a thousand-year tradition of education, initiation, literary culture and movement. Sreepur Bura Mosque is a famous mosque located in Amuchia village of Boalkhali upazila.Before this there is Jyasthapura hill.

The old mosque is revered as a holy place.Here devout Muslims from home and abroad gather in the hope of fulfilling blessings,virtues and desires.
No one knows the exact year and date of when this mosque was established. However, everyone agrees that it was built about 300 years before the end of the Mughal period.The mosque was established by the male subordinates of the Mughals to facilitate the Panjagana prayers of the baptized people.

It is known about the naming of this mosque that Wasin Chowdhury’s father was a worshiper.He was so preoccupied with worship that he did not inquire about his surroundings at all.In his old age he used to spend the day and night in that mosque praying and remembrance.

He was so pious that everyone called him ‘old lord’.One day while praying, he got lost in this mosque.It is said that no one has been found yet.That is why it is famous as ‘Bura Masjid’ after his name.
It is located adjacent to Sreepur-Kharandwip Union Parishad and Sreepur Munsir Hat.

By bus from Chittagong Bahaddarhat bus terminal or by CNG tempo directly through Boalkhali Sadar Municipality to Kanungopara and through Kanungopara to Sreepur Bura Mosque.Or by bus from Chittagong Bahaddarhat bus terminal or by adding CNG tempo directly to Boalkhali Sreepur Bura Mosque.

This historic Sreepur Bura Mosque is not just a place of worship for the followers of Islam in Chittagong.Known as a place of pilgrimage for people of all religions. It is important for the government to pay attention to the mosque for the sake of history, tradition and the values ​​of the Auliyas.

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