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Litigation against Professor Zia Rahman

Md. Sakhawat Hossain: A case under digital security act has been lodged against Zia Rahman, professor of criminology department in the University of Dhaka for making remarks over “Allah Hafeez ” and ” Salam” — Islamic greetings terms. The suit has been filed on sunday, the 25th instant under Bangladesh Cyber Crime Tribunal before the court of judge Md. As-shams Jaglul Hossain.
It’s learned that Md. Mahbub Alam editor of the “Monthly Al-Bayeenat” and the “Daily Al-Ehsan” prayed for litigation against the professor for putting comments on “Salam” and “Allah Hafeez” referring to them as exercise of militancy.

Md. Hujjatul Islam Khan Alfesani, lawyer of the plaintiff side conveyed that appeal of the suit has already been submitted and we are hanging on for hearing.
It’s said in the allegation of the litigation concerned that professor Zia Rahman has placed awkward comments in his speech were to notice “Salam” and “Allah Hafeez” as a practice of militancy indeed are muslims’ religious customs. Also added there that Zia Rahman attempted to associate exchanging solid greetings of Islam with terrorism and militancy by his words.

Notable that Zia Rahman in a talkshow of the DBC TV named “Uposanghar” shed light on “Salam” and “Allah Hafeez” with a negligible aspect but those are lucid and correct pronunciation of Islamic terminology. Subsequently, on Thursday October 22, a lawyer Sheikh Muhammad Omar Sarif sent a legal notice to Zia Rahman and urged to withdraw his speech delivered on “Salam” and “Allah Hafeez” by two days, otherwise a case will be registered against him, added the lawyer then.

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