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Celebration of 23rd anniversary of Bandhan, BSMRSTU branch

BSMRSTU correspondent : On the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the voluntary blood donor organization Bandhan, some activities have been celebrated in a short range due to the situation in the Bandhan BSMRSTU unit.

Some activities are celebrated in Bandhan BSMRSTU unit from 3 pm on Saturday. Activities include cutting cakes, collecting stills through some placards, discussion meetings on the path of binding and planting 23 trees on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary.

Was present at the ceremony
Assistant Professor of Accounting and Information Systems Mohammad Fayekuzzaman Tito, Shashi Prasad Sheel and Russell Khan, Advisors of Bandhan Bashemurbiprabi Unit, Shakib Hussain Hridoy, Zonal Representative of Bandhan Bashemurbiprabi Unit, and Vice President Sonia Sultana Tumpa. The convener was Md. Shah-Alam and the joint convener was Al Amin Biswas and various blood donor members and staff.

Russell Khan, Advisor, Bandhan BSMRSTU Unit, said, “On the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of Bandhan, I would like to extend my best wishes and congratulations to all Bandhan workers, blood donor members and well-wishers. One wish on Bandhan’s birthday People will come forward to donate blood voluntarily and will set the most beautiful example of humanity. Let’s move forward with thousands of good wishes. ‘

Shakib Hussain Hridoy, Zonal Representative of Bandhan BSMRSTU Unit, said, “One’s blood is another’s life, blood is the bond of the soul” – Bandhan was born on this day in 1996 with this slogan in mind. Today, Bandhan celebrated its 23rd anniversary with great pride, which is a matter of great pride.

Today is a very happy day for all the Bandhan advisors, staff and all the esteemed blood donor members of Bandhan. But this bond, with the help of the Creator, has given many people the dream of survival, as well as given millions of people the opportunity to do great things like donate blood.

I think every Bandhan worker will be forever grateful to Bandhan. The goal of the dam – to encourage people to donate blood, to diagnose free blood groups and to provide blood in emergencies, and to stand by people in the event of a disaster – will remain intact for a lifetime.

He also said, “We dream of the day when every person in Bangladesh will know his own blood group and will come forward to donate blood voluntarily.”

Note that Bandhan is an organization of voluntary blood donors. Starting its journey on 24th October, 1996, Bandhan’s activities in 65 educational institutions in 53 districts are setting a shining example of humanity. And on March 29, 2019, the journey of Bandhan BSMRSTU Unit started.

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