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In Habiganj, There Ts No One To Hear The Cries Of British Soldiers And Heroic Freedom Fighters. There Is No Place For The Head.

Mir Jamal Habiganj Correspondent: Lance Naik Intaz Ullah EX-L-Naik-ID No. 331281, a British soldier who participated in the Second World War, was a pensioner even before his death. Lastly, Lance Naik, a heroic freedom fighter of the British Armed Forces, died with the pain of not getting a sheep pension.

In the hope of getting various facilities, he was heartbroken, but his hopes were not fulfilled. He died of starvation in 1995 in the area of ​​Poil Paschim Para in Habiganj district headquarters. Intaz Ullah was buried at Lama Poil Dalanhati Cemetery.

Md. Babar Ali, the present panel chairman, a three-time member of the 2nd ward of the 4th Pail Union, expressed his happiness and sorrow. In 1996, the British Army issued a circular to the Bangladesh Army to re-list the British soldiers who participated in World War II.

The Bangladesh Armed Forces Department sent a circular to send a list of British soldiers stationed in Bangladesh through each deputy commissioner. In 1997, the Bangladesh Ex-Servicemen’s Association enlisted the name of Arab Chan, the wife of the late Intaz Ullah, and gave them a grant of Rs 8,000.

The family of British soldier Intaz Ullah is starving to death in a mud hut on 3rd century land – Intaz Ullah’s daughter Zarina Khatun and another daughter Selua Khatun are living with their family in the house they are wearing. Was. As we are simple women, we could not keep any news of it.

We are not fortunate enough to have any government facilities. There is no place to live, not even a little land, once you can eat a handful of rice and the next time you have to eat jutenna food so almost have to stay hungry – cut their lives in half. Intaz Ullah demanded the British Army, Bangladesh Government and the Army to get various benefits including pension.

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