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Attempt to rape school girl in Manohardi, Narsingdi, case filed at police station

KH Nazrul Islam: A shocking allegation of attempted rape of a fourth class school student at Manohardi in Narsingdi has been found. The shocking incident took place in Nama Gotashia village of the upazila on Tuesday (October 20).The victim is a fourth class student of a local government primary school. Her father has filed a case with the Manohardi police station accusing the two of them.

The accused are Lumpat Shipon Faraji, 40, son of late Solaiman of the same village and Lumpat Sabi, 30, son of Majid Miah.According to the complaint, the parents left their two daughters at home on the morning of the incident and went to their grandparents’ house in Belab Upazila for emergency work.
Around noon Lumpat Shipon and Lumpat Sabi go to their house to bring Dis’s bill.

At this time, when there was no one in the house, lustful shipon and lustful Sabi entered their house.
According to the plan, the lustful Sobi came out of the house with the little girl. Later, Lumpat Shipon locked the door of the house and started sexually harassing the girl with the intention of raping her.At that time, when the schoolgirl started shouting, the lustful ship quickly left her and fled.

After that, the schoolboy went to his aunt’s house next to the house and told the story of the incident. His parents were informed on his mobile phone.
On the same day, his father became a plaintiff and lodged a written complaint with Manohardi police station.

Locals allege that Lumpat Shipon Faraji is involved in various criminal activities including yaba business, theft, robbery and extortion in Gotashia area. It is also known that there are several cases against him in the police station for these misdeeds.SI Shah Alam, the investigating officer of the case, said a case has been registered at the police station.

Jahar Case No. 25. Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Manohardi Police Station Mohammad Moniruzzaman told reporters that his father had lodged a complaint with the police station after he tried to rape the schoolgirl. Attempts are being made to arrest the accused.

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