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Raihan killed in Sylhet police torture, sensational information is coming out!

Sylhet Representative : Another dismissed SI Hasan has already been sacked and taken into police custody for helping Akbar Bhuiyan, a former sacked in-charge (SI) of the Bandarbazar police outpost in Sylhet, to flee. Interesting information is coming out after he was taken into police custody.
It is learned that Abdullah Al Noman, a journalist of the so-called extortionist online news portal in Sylhet, secretly collaborated with SI Hasan. He is the Companyganj correspondent of Sylhet View Online News Portal.

He is also the Education and Technology Secretary of Companiganj Press Club. He is currently living in the city’s housing estate area. His father Israil Ali is the headmaster of companiganj Government Primary School and the organizing secretary of the Central Primary Teachers’ Association and his mother Bilkis Akhter is a health worker in the upazila. His parents live in Buridhar, a village in the upazila.

The journalist was often identified as SI Akbar’s cousin. On the night of the incident, to cover up Raihan’s murder, he published a news item titled ‘Sylhet View’ online titled ‘Death of a snatcher in a mass beating in a wooden house in the city’. At one stage, his mission failed due to the objective reporting of other journalists in Sylhet. However, three hours after the incident, another news item titled “Death of a youth due to police torture at Bandarbazar police outpost” was published and spread through social media.

This created a stir in the minds of the people. Meanwhile, the two heroes disappeared from the CCTV footage in the police outpost area. They are the outpost’s TIC SI Hasan Uddin and local journalist Abdullah Al Noman. Such shocking information has come out in the investigation of the investigating agency Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI). The two collaborated with SI Akbar to escape with the information secret.

On the night of the incident, the cycle of CCTV footage camera hard disk disappeared to hide the information of torture. Noman worked as a source and cashier for SI Akbar. That night, Akbar, Hasan and Noman bought a new hard disk from a shop called Friends Computer in Galleria Shopping City and removed the old hard disk. The CCTV footage captured all the evidence, including evidence of torture with Lapatta Akbar. But tactically they also make the original hard disk disappear.

According to the source, the 500 GB hard disk was bought from that computer shop in Galleria Market for 1200 rupees. Whose invoice number is 24602. Noman then replaced the hard disk with a computer shop employee. Many people in charge of the outpost have seen this. The investigation committee also collected CCTV footage of that market. And SI Akbar had a long relationship with Noman.

Noman was SI Akbar’s collection man and source from various hotels, hawkers, vehicles, banned businesses. At his behest, SI Akbar used to arrest various people and torture them in the outpost to collect money. Noman often chatted with SI Akbar and SI Hasan.
According to the investigation committee, SI Hasan Uddin assisted in that work. He also spoke to Noman 40 times on the day of the incident. The day before, Noman had talked to outpost TIC SI Hasan 19 times.

On the other hand, the investigation committee of the police headquarters found evidence that SI Hasan helped SI Akbar to escape. Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Azbahar Ali Sheikh on Wednesday (October 21st) suspended Hasan and ordered him to be taken into police custody for hiding information about torture and helping SI Akbar escape.

Incidentally, on Saturday (October 11) night, Raihan was picked up from the city’s Kastghar area and tortured to death at the Bandarbazar police outpost. Later, the victim’s wife filed a case with the Kotwali police station on Monday (October 12). Whose case number is 20 (10) 2020. After that, an investigation team of the metropolitan police investigated the overall matter and outpost in-charge (SI) Akbar Hossain Bhuiyan, Touhid and four others were dismissed and three others were withdrawn. However, Akbar, the mastermind of the incident, is still at large.

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