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Raihan murder : “Sylhet Metropolitan Police is raiding the house of seven Satins”

Arun Sarkar, Bureau Chief Sylhet : Sylhet Metropolitan Police is raiding the house of seven Satins. They have created an unprecedented incident by sheltering the accused in Raihan’s murder. About a week after the incident, the accused have not been arrested yet for mysterious reasons. This is having an effect on other police in Sylhet. Anger is growing in the minds of the people. It has already been informed that if those involved in the incident are not handed over to the law, people from different walks of life in Sylhet will start a strong movement. Everyone is now protesting and building a movement in the streets.

But Tonak is not moving. “The Metropolitan Police has made Satin’s house.”
It has been alleged that some unscrupulous metropolitan police officers are behind the escape of Akbar, in-charge (SI) of Bandarbazar police outpost. If you collect the call list of that time, the cat in the bag can come out. Besides, the shocking information may come out to the other 6 associate policemen in proper interrogation. ” Don’t catch fish, don’t touch water. ” The situation in this shaky area is under investigation. Even after the escape of an SI, an investigation is needed to find out the truth of the incident.

What a traumatic painful scene! The accused have been kept in the police line area by caressing the son-in-law. Again with the intervention of the Metropolitan Police. However, the PBI has been investigating the case for the last three days. The Metropolitan Police has not yet handed over the “six satins” in their custody after the fugitive in-charge Akbar for the sake of investigation?

“After the multiple injuries on Raihan’s body, CCTV footage, the statement of the CNG-powered driver and the statement of another person named Surajmin Sulailal, they are keeping the” six satins “in police custody and caressing the son-in-law.” What could be more shameless than this. As per the rules, the PBI investigation team has to bring them under the law to verify the truth of the incident rather than remand through the court. But the metropolitan police is not allowing them to work. As Raihan’s family claimed he had died as a result of police torture, Satin could be taken to court for further investigation.

Meanwhile, SI Akbar, the mastermind of the incident, has escaped and is in hiding. However, a source said that he has a close friend SI at the Sobahanighat police outpost in the city. Akbar used to talk to him on the phone almost all the time. It is also learned that the SI studied at MC College in Tilagarh area. He has several more friends in Tilagarh area. Akbar used to hang out with them in the police outpost. Besides, SMP Kotwali Police Station Officer-in-Charge Mohammad Selim Mia helped him. Under his tutelage, SI Akbar soon became a banana tree with swollen fingers. A source confirmed that OC Selim even used to run for Akbar’s title.

Incidentally, last Saturday night, Raihan was arrested at the Bandarbazar police outpost and some members of the police demanded a bribe of Tk 10,000. On the phone, Raihan asked the family members to bring money. On Sunday morning, his family members went to the police station with Tk 5,000 and found out that he had been admitted to Osmani Medical College Hospital due to illness.

Go there and find out that Raihan is dead. Police initially said Raihan was beaten to death during a robbery attempt in the city’s Kastghar area. It was later confirmed that Raihan had died as a result of police torture. The victim’s wife filed a case with the Kotwali police station on Sunday night alleging murder. Police SI Abdul Baten was in charge of investigating the case. Later on Tuesday (October 13), the case was transferred to the PBI on the instructions of the police headquarters. Despite all this, the PBI investigation team has not yet arrested any accused in the case.


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