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Peace-loving Goalanda wants to build – Goalanda Ghat Police Station OC-Muhammad Abdullah Al-Taybir

Sheikh Momin, Goalanda(Rajbari) Correspondent: At a time when the epidemic of the Corona virus is a global terror, a death march around the world, in a country where doctors want to quit their jobs and live safely at home in the face of the virus, the “religion of service police” has made this song even sweeter and more true: Goaland Ghat Police StationOC-Muhammad Abdullah Al-Tayyabir.He is floating on social media Facebook with public awareness and collaborative status.

Goalanda Ghat Police Station OC-Muhammad Abdullah Al-Taybir is working day and night for the image and reputation of the police. While the image of the police is being praised by the people, there are some members of the police who are working tirelessly day and night to protect the reputation of their department and are being praised by the people. Such a skilled police officer, the people in the police, the people in the police, he is explaining his conduct, words and deeds to the people of Goalanda.

Since he took charge of Goalanda Ghat police station a month ago, he has been working with zero tolerance in eradicating a record number of drugs, arresting members of women and child trafficking members, eradicating theft, snatching, robbery and other crimesAppreciated.Goalanda Ghat police station in Rajbari district has seen a lot of improvement in law and order in a month and the corona in the epidemic corona is working in the war: he
In the last one month since taking charge, 18 accused have been arrested in robbery cases: The accused have been arrested since 01/09/2020 and the arrested accused are: Md. Firoz, son of late Darbesh Mollah of Para village of

Hatem Mandal, Goalanda upazilaMollah (29), son of Mohammad Dukhu Mia of Daulatdia Samsu Master Para village, Mohammad Akash Ahmed Shaon (20), Badhan Bhanga Guchh village of Kotwali police station of Faridpur district, son of Munju Bepari, Rakib Bepari (20) of Kholabariya village of Kholabariya village of Rajbari Sadar police station. Son, Badsha Mollah (20), son of Munshi Abdul Baten of Char Khankhanapur village of Rajbari Sadar Police

Station, Rubel Munshi (30), son of Kubbat Fakir of Dewan Para village of Goaland Municipal Council, Mintu Fakir (28), son of Daulatdia Jalil Sardar of Para village, Azahar Sarad ,Abdul Quader Sardar (41), son of Dulal Mollah of Daulatdia Siddique Kazi Para village, Zahid Mollah Bappi (32), Sabuj Shil (25) son of Dhiren Shil of Daulatdia Hossain Mandal Para village, son of Monir Fakir of Daulatdia Sattar Member Para village, 26),Daulatdia Felu is the son of Shawkat Mollah of Molla Para village, Raju Mollah (28), son of Madar Qazi of Daulatdia Shahadat Member

Para village, Nuru Kazi (28), son of Kesmat Mollah of Goalanda Vijay Babur Para village, Md. Ashik Mollah, Daulatdi of villageSonai Sheikh’s son Munna Sheikh (18), Daulatdia Patitapalli Para village’s son Md. Liton Matbar’s son, Md. Ashik Matbar (24), Son of Minhaj Uddin of Nihalpur village in Manikganj district, Md. Jahangir Alam (39), from Ghat area on 14/10/2020 Detained 6 brokers. Besides, they also arrested: brokers of Daulatdia truck transport crossing, 26 people from Ghat area, 16 snatchers and robbers from Ghat area, 6 people from known drug dealers, 3 drug dealers from police and RAB. On 30/09/2020, the Goalanda Ghat police tightly controlled the counter-program of two groups in Goalanda between the supporters of Alhaj Kazi Keramat Ali, Member of Parliament for

Rajbari 1 constituency and Kazi Iradat Ali, General Secretary of Rajbari District Awami League.
In this regard, the OC of Goaland Ghat Police Station, Muhammad Abdullah Al-Tayabir, said that since taking charge in the last one month, the officers have been arrested and the criminals have been arrested through various operations. Extortion has been controlled in the transport sector from Daulatdia Ghat. Daulatdia Ghat is free of brokers and Goalland including prostitutes is drug free and we want to build a peace loving Goaland. I want everyone’s cooperation for this.

Note: OC of Goaland Ghat Police Station – Md. Ashikur Rahman PPM, due to transfer to Range Office on 09/09/2020, OC of Investigation – Muhammad Abdullah Al-Taybir, got the responsibility as OC of Goaland Ghat Police Station

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