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The Voluntary Blood Donor Club is a non-political social organization


Special Representative : Activity area:- Dhaka, Noakhali, Laxmipur and Chittagong. The founders of this club are Mr. Shahed Sheikh Founding President, Mr. Fazle Rabbi Kawshar Founding Secretary and Mr. Shiblu Noman, Fahad, Tanvir Shahan Robin, Belal Hossain, Zahid, Zahid Hasan Jibon, Khokon Hesen, Dipan Chandra, Kazi Sabuj, Sumon, Ahad, , Many more are in collaboration.

A group of young students working here, in the service of humanity, with their own activities, volunteer blood donation program, novice in the society with great work.The only wish of all of them is to continue in the service of humanity by devoting themselves to the blood donation of helpless people. Club slogan: We will all win the blood donors humanity. Objective: Our main goal is to collect blood from voluntary blood donors and distribute it free of cost to the helpless, poor and dying patients while maintaining safe and quality standards.


So far, it has been able to diagnose free blood group of about (3000) people and help about (5000) bags of blood, moreover, 7 academic programs have been successful in encouraging people to donate blood in different places. Their activities are mainly divided into two parts 1. Online blood collection, II. Blood is collected in different districts of the country day and night through direct representatives.

Aims and Objectives:-

Collect safe and quality blood from voluntary blood donors and distribute it free of cost to the helpless poor and dying patients. Assurance of safe and quality blood supply. Encourage volunteer blood donors to donate more blood regularly. Raise awareness among educated young people about the benefits of donating blood and highlight the harmful aspects of receiving blood through professional blood donors.

Raising awareness among the public about the risk of transmission of other diseases, including AIDS, through contaminated blood transfusions, and encouraging safe blood transfusions. To be able to engage oneself in the service of humanity by providing blood donation to the endangered, dying and accident victims.

Social Program:- 1. Celebration of National Day. 2. Celebrating Blood Donation Day. 3. Elimination of social adversity. 4. To stand by the side of poor and helpless people and cooperate.

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