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The court ordered to remove the body for re-investigation Can the investigation committee-police commissioner of Sylhet avoid responsibility?

Arun Sarkar, Bureau Chief Sylhet : Can the investigation committee or the police commissioner avoid the responsibility of Raihan’s murder in Sylhet? Thus, speculations are going on in the minds of the people. This question has arisen in the incident of killing a young man after torturing him at the police outpost last Saturday. Police initially tried to blow up the incident after Raihan died. But when the CCTV footage of the district police office matched the truth of the incident, this horrible situation appeared in the minds of the people. However, everyone was even more shocked by the escape of SI Akbar, the in-charge of the sacked outpost. This has led to extreme deterioration of law and order in the Sylhet Metropolitan Sadar area.

”Meanwhile, the court has ordered to remove the body of Raihan, who died due to police torture, from the grave for re-autopsy. The court passed the order on Wednesday morning in response to an application by the police. Additional Deputy Commissioner (Media) of Sylhet Metropolitan Police Jyortimoy Sarkar has confirmed this. Raihan Uddin, son of late Rafiqul Islam of Neharipara area of ​​the city, died at Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital at 7.50 am on Sunday. Signs of injuries can be seen on various parts of his body after he died. Also his fingernails were plucked. Later, the victim’s wife filed a murder case with the Sylhet Sadar (SMP) Kotwali Police Station alleging that she had tortured and killed her husband in police custody. Meanwhile, four policemen, including SI Akbar Hossain Bhuiyan, in-charge of Bandarbazar police outpost, were suspended and three others were suspended following Raihan’s death. Meanwhile, in-charge SI Akbar is absconding.

Earlier, after the autopsy, Janazah of Raihan Uddin was held at Akhalia Jame Mosque in Esha on Sunday. He was later buried in the cemetery adjacent to the Akhalia Jame Mosque. In order to find out the exact cause of death, Sylhet Metropolitan Police requested for re-autopsy of Raihan Uddin’s body. On Wednesday, the court allowed the body to be exhumed for re-autopsy.”

Besides, there is only one speculation going on in all the office courts including roads, ghats and neighborhoods. How did SI Akbar, who was dismissed from the police line, escape? The people of Sylhet have demanded to find out whether there are any supporters behind the escape of Akbar with oil on the nose of the administration. As time goes on, the heat of the movement is increasing. I am investigating, it is going on, Akbar, the main culprit of the incident, escaped with the assurance of a proper investigation. The members of the inquiry committee cannot avoid his responsibility in any way. Because the killer SI Akbar escaped by taking advantage of the negligence and reluctance of the committee under investigation. The responsibility will not only fall on them but also on the Sylhet Metropolitan Police Commissioner. There was a lack of goodwill in this activity.

”It is learned that Akbar used a room inside the outpost as a torture cell. Sitting there, he also smoked one cigarette after another. Dedarche was also playing songs in its fuck. He also set up the hangout with prostitutes and a few other friends. Besides, Masohara used to snatch lakhs of rupees from several liquor and gambling venues in Bandarbazar area. In some residential hotel restaurants, prostitutes were used to extort money. He used the name of some YouTube channels as a tool to hide himself from everyone. It is rumored that in the last one year, he has attacked many simple people and extorted money out of fear of lawsuits. He committed these misdeeds in a smoke-free area outpost. The deceived are reluctant to open their mouths for fear of their lives. Eventually the real secret of that sinful kingdom came out after the Raihan murder. But before that, the killer Akbar escaped by showing his thumb to the administration of Sylhet. There is no way to avoid the responsibility of the inquiry committee or the police commissioner.”

On the other hand, when the news of SI Akbar’s escape spread through social media, people from all walks of life in Sylhet became furious. Roads and ghats were filled with protests day and night on Tuesday.

It may be mentioned that last Saturday night, some members of the police took Raihan to the Bandarbazar police outpost and demanded a bribe of Tk 10,000. On the phone, Raihan asked the family members to bring money. On Sunday morning, his family members went to the police station with Tk 5,000 and found out that he had been admitted to Osmani Medical College Hospital due to illness. Go there and find out that Raihan is dead. Police initially said Raihan was beaten to death during a robbery attempt in the city’s Kastghar area. Raihan’s wife Tahmina Akhter Tani filed a case with the Kotwali police station on Sunday night. The case has been handed over to SI Abdul Baten.

The case was then transferred to the PBI on Tuesday (October 13) at the behest of the police headquarters. Additional Deputy Commissioner (Media) of Sylhet City Police Jyotirmoy Sarkar confirmed the information. All the documents in the case were transferred to the PBI on Wednesday.

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