October 28, 2020, 5:50 pm

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Young man dies in police torture, in-charge Akbar escapes; PBI under investigation!

Sylhet Representative : Raihan died due to police torture. This was confirmed by the close circuit (CC) footage camera of the Sylhet District Police Super Office near Bandar Bazar police outpost. The main culprit in this incident was SI Akbar Hossain Bhuiyan in charge of the police outpost. Raihan was subjected to inhuman torture under his leadership. It is learned that Raihan was brought to Bandar Bazar police outpost by CNG-powered autorickshaw around 3 am on Sunday. He was detained there and his accomplices, including SI Akbar, beat Raihan. Raihan was later taken to Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital in critical condition. Raihan died there around 7 am. The committee investigating the death of Raihan has also found the initial truth of this.

Earlier, SI Akbar, in-charge of Bandarbazar police outpost, had claimed that Raihan was not brought to the outpost. But the cat in the bag came out in that CC TV footage. Although SI Akbar tried to take the incident in a different direction, he was finally caught on camera with CCTV footage. However, members of the investigation committee interrogated six policemen, including SI Akbar, till 3 pm on Monday. At the time, they denied the allegations. Later, the investigation committee collected CCTV footage from the Sylhet Police Super’s office. After showing the footage, everyone started opening their mouths and describing what happened that black night.

Akbar and others in charge told the inquiry committee that two men were passing through the road from Sobhanighat to Kastghar area around 2.30 pm on Saturday. On the way, the kidnappers detained them near the gate of Sweeper Colony. The three snatchers went to the house of sweeper Sulailal with their money by cutting the pockets of the towers with a knife. After that, the snatchers came out through Mahajanpatti and saw two policemen (Munshi of Kotwali Police Station and an operator) having breakfast at Mashrafia Restaurant in Bandarbazar of the city. They informed the police about the robbery.

The police informed the news by calling Echo-1 on mobile. Constable Abu Taher, the wireless operator of Echo-1, then sent a message to ASI Ashiq Elahi’s team. The other members of the team are Constable Touhid Mia and Harunur Rashid. They went to the spot and arrested Raihan in the presence of the victim. The two men with him ran away. Raihan was later brought to the outpost. ASI Ashiq Elahi told the inquiry committee that he did not know the name of the victim. Although Akbar in charge remained silent, the detaining members informed the committee that Raihan was brutally tortured under the leadership of SI Akbar after he was brought to the outpost. On his instructions, Raihan spoke to his mother on Touhid’s phone and asked her to bring 10,000 rupees.

A committee headed by Additional Deputy Commissioner (North) Shahriar Al Mamun was formed to probe Raihan’s death on Sunday morning. Other members of the committee are Nirmal Chakraborty, Assistant Commissioner, Katowali Police Station and Prabas Kumar Singh, Assistant Commissioner, Airport Police Station.

The footage obtained by them shows that two CNG-powered autorickshaws came to a halt at Bandarbazar outpost at 3:09:33 pm on Saturday night. Raihan was seen with three policemen from the autorickshaw in front. He entered the outpost with the police on foot. About three hours later, at 6:22 am, a CNG-powered autorickshaw arrived in front of the port outpost. Two minutes later, at 6:24:24, Raihan was seen carrying two policemen on his shoulders in the autorickshaw.

Four people, including outpost in-charge SI Akbar Hossain Bhuiyan, were suspended and three others were withdrawn on Monday (October 12) afternoon. The other three sacked are: Constable Touhid Mia, Titu Chandra Das and Harunur Rashid. The three withdrawn are: ASI Ashek Elahi, Qutb Ali and Constable Sajeeb Hossain. A police source said another investigation was underway into the seven sacked and withdrawn policemen. After this investigation, one of them may be accused in the Raihan murder case.

Until the latest news, SI Akbar, in-charge of the outpost, has fled. Law enforcement is working to arrest him. Besides, the case filed in this incident has been transferred to PBI. The case was transferred to the PBI on Tuesday (October 13th) at the behest of police headquarters. Additional Deputy Commissioner (Media) of Sylhet City Police Jyotirmoy Sarkar confirmed the information.

It may be mentioned that last Saturday night, some members of the police took Raihan to the Bandarbazar police outpost and demanded a bribe of Tk 10,000. On the phone, Raihan asked the family members to bring money. On Sunday morning, his family members went to the police station with Tk 5,000 and found out that he had been admitted to Osmani Medical College Hospital due to illness. Go there and find out that Raihan is dead. Police initially said Raihan was beaten to death during a robbery attempt in the city’s Kastghar area. Raihan’s wife Tahmina Akhter Tani filed a case with the Kotwali police station on Sunday night. The case has been handed over to SI Abdul Baten.

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