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Entrepreneur of worm fertilizer Kalsum receives Sheikh Hasina Honor Medal 2020 in Pirganj “

Mahmudul Hasan, Pirganj (Rangpur): Kulsum Akhter is a promising student from a secluded village in Pirganj upazila of Rangpur.  In addition to his studies, he has been making special contribution in making vermi compost (earthworm) fertilizer in his own house with the help of his father.
In recognition of her work, she has been awarded the “People’s Leader Sheikh Hasina Award of Honor 2020”. In a joint venture of Bangabandhu Professional Council and Bangabandhu Diploma Krishibid Parishad at the VIP Hallroom of the National Press Club in Dhaka on October 3, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina pledged to ensure nutritious and safe food.
A discussion meeting titled “Crop Cultivation on Land” and awarding of “Jannetri Sheikh Hasina Sammanna Padak-2020” to eminent people of the country was held on the occasion.  Kulsum Akhter, a successful entrepreneur from Pirganj, received the medal along with others for his special contribution in vermi-compost in maintaining soil health and received the award from Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Muzamdar MP.
 Talking to Kulsum Akhter about this success, it is learned that Kulsum Akhter, daughter of Rabiul Alam of Sakhipur village of Chatra union of Pirganj.  She is currently an Honors final year student of Accounting Science, Carmichael College, Rangpur.  Kulsum Aktarera 5 sisters.  A decade ago.  Kulsum’s father Rabiul Alam used to work on other people’s land and run his family somehow.
Kulsum dropped out of school in 2009 when he was in seventh grade due to lack of money.  She was forced to start working as a maid in a house in the village in February of that year.  On learning about the matter, he went to the house of Saiduzzaman Kulsum, the headmaster of Chatra High School.  He explained to his parents and called Kulsum.  Advised to learn the techniques of cultivating non-toxic vegetables and making earthworm manure under a local non-governmental development organization (NGO).  Later, Kulsum started working in an NGO with training.
He erected a shed on one side of the house and placed four rings of cement there.  After collecting fresh dung in the morning and afternoon and filling the rings, he brought 700 special species of earthworms from the company and released them inside the ring.  In 3 months, about 200 kg of earthworm manure was obtained from four rings.  At the same time 600 baby earthworms were also received.  In the first phase, Kulsum sold fertilizer for Tk 3,000 at Tk 15 per kg.  You can sell earthworms for 600 rupees.  This income opened Kulsum’s eyes.  Later he started making earthworm manure by making pucca holes with bricks.  The father also works with his daughter.
 In 2009, he sold fertilizers and earthworms and collected a total of Tk 23,000.  With this money, he cultivates cucumber, gourd, bean and karla with earthworm fertilizer.  The income from selling this crop is 70 thousand rupees.  In this way income increases, farm land increases.  He bought 26 per cent land with the sale of fertilizers, earthworms and vegetables.  He built a tin house.  Kulsumar’s family now earns a minimum of Rs 30,000 per month.  He also married 3 sisters with the money from the sale of earthworm manure.  Two sisters, including Kulsuma, are studying.  Affordability has come to their family.  Kulsuma dreams of everlasting success on her own initiative and is moving towards that goal.
 Kulsum was happy to receive the medal, saying there was no identity in the society before.  I could not study due to financial crisis.  This earthworm manure is introducing him and I have come so far by continuing my studies.  My wish is to spread earthworm manure all over the country besides Pirganj.

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