October 28, 2020, 5:32 pm

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We want a rape-free Bangladesh, not the humiliation of women

Sinthiya Sumi: We are educated but not civilized. In this educated society, there is no shortage of people to give a few lines of speech on the dignity and rights of women, but the question of protection of dignity is really silent. Where are the women’s rights? Where women are not safe. Violence against women is increasing day by day. With that, the rate of rape is increasing.

Our women’s society is terrified today. Prevention of rape is more important than rape trial.
Not all women can take such a big stress like rape. Some of those who can’t stand the pressure do the worst thing like suicide, some of them write their names in the book of lunatics. The rest survive as living corpses.

Unpublished rape is much more than unpublished rape. 85 to 90 percent of the victims of unpublished rape by men are women. It cannot be denied by the state or society. Most of the women do not admit to losing everything in the society, family and people for fear of shame.

Published rape does not easily acquit society of stigma. The next generation cannot avoid its responsibility. After the rape, the social status of the rape and rape family is reduced to the ground. Some in the society openly show them the old finger of hatred, while others spread the net of conspiracy to expel the family of the rapist. Rape and the family of the rapist have endured the stigma of rape for generations. The rapist may have the highest justice under state law but his family or the next generation will not have to bear the responsibility.

Reviewing the current context of our country, it is clear that this is a name of terror. Every day, somewhere from a baby to a 70-75 year old woman is being raped. Every day we see images of violence against women in the newspapers. We only know the published news, many more news remain unpublished for fear of humiliation. There is law, propaganda is going on, the image of this torture is not diminishing even in the midst of strict rules. Many efforts are being made for the development of women, various initiatives are being taken for the education of women but it is being proved time and again that women are not safe.

The rapist has no exemplary justice, no punishment, no shame. Women have to endure all the humiliation and oppression. Our society is still one-eyed, no matter how much the fault lies with men, women have to be humiliated.

In an independent country, rapists are also independent. They are just roaming around like everyone else in the society. Tortured women are being cornered. They live in fear, on the one hand, the fear of criticism of the people of the society, on the other hand, the fear of cruel torture of some animal-like people. And how much women will live in fear.

‘We are women,
Where is our honor?
Our dreams come to an end with the lust of some people.
Where is the protector of women?
Women are silent. How will they protest. Another woman was raped while protesting a rape. Will protest in any society, in a society where raped women are cornered or in a society where rapists roam freely.

A girl who has been raped means she has no character. Someone again uttered two or three lines of consolation. After getting the news of rape, there was a fight for some time. Over time, the incidents of rape have been suppressed. Another piece of news was published, in this way the allegations of the abused girls went behind the news one after another.

Shame should be on the rapist but in our society shame is on the rapist, his family. The society should be ashamed when it identifies the abused girl as a victim of rape. Contempt for a society where women are not respected, a society in which a woman is considered a commodity.

‘Be silent, O woman, or this society will never think of humiliating you’.
This is the current situation. But we don’t think so, is there any guarantee that no one in my family will be tortured tomorrow as she is the daughter of a family who has been tortured today?

Girls are not safe anywhere outside the house. The backbone of our society is weak. Some of the harsh words of the society suppress the protesting attitude of women. Protesting does not bring justice. Where are our values. We can live in the same society with the rapist but we cannot give a healthy society for the abused girls.

Every woman’s question- will we never get a safe society? Where women will be seen not with a bad eye but with respect.

The rapist needs appropriate punishment. There is no lack of criticism about the cause of rape, but where is the protest? These critics are constantly going with the identity of some inferior mentality. There is a big impact of socialization behind this. Lack of values, degradation of moral education is turning people into animals, the animals that are constantly being hunted by one’s relatives. It is not that these inhuman tortures are happening behind our eyes, these incidents are happening in front of everyone’s eyes. Some are taking advantage of the helpless, some are busy making an impact again.

Child rape, rape by one’s own family, rape of mother in front of daughter, rape on a moving bus, educational institutions are not excluded. These barbaric tortures do not move our humanity. Women need to overcome their fears. ‘We are women, we can’. Throughout the ages, women have struggled for women. We will find his example in history. So you have to protest not to fall in the corner of the closed room.

We have to come up with a solution without throwing some questions in the definition of rapist and rape. Rapists cannot be anyone in society. A lot has happened, and how silent the society-state will be.

Why are those who jumped to protect the motherland silent today in the humiliation of that motherhood?

And if the news of rape is published, the government’s silence will be cut. The law must be tightened. The perpetrator must be punished for his crime regardless of which party he belongs to. The morale of the rapists increases because the law is not enforced properly in our country. Punishment should be provided for the offender so that it becomes an example to other offenders. We can build a society where women’s security is ensured, their dignity is intact. Let’s all come forward and build a rape-free society. So that women are seen with respect and not with bad eyes.

Violence against women is absolutely necessary. We need to change our attitude. Stop blaming each other. And how dirty everyone will be spectators? The seeds of rebellion must be sown, men and women must unite and protest.

Author: Sinthiya Sumi
Student, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University of Science and Technology- Gopalgonj

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