October 28, 2020, 4:31 pm

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OC-UNO’s chess game in Sylhet to change Ganesha!

Sylhet Representative : In Sylhet, it has been reported that a different strategy has been adopted to avoid the responsibility of OC-UNO. Sheikh Rashed Alam Razzak, a drug dealer, is trying to hide himself by making a drama of intelligence to give shelter to him. Earlier, OC-UNO spoke in a different tone, but now they are playing chess to change Ganesha. They are of the opinion that such a move would be useful to get relief from the higher authorities of the administration.

A source confirmed that the son-in-law caressed the top terrorist drug dealer Razzak, who was identified last Saturday at an anti-drug rally in Jaflong through social media, and handed over the crest of honor to him by the OC-UNO. Then if the matter goes viral, there is a fight.

On the same day, Officer-in-Charge of Jaflong Tourist Police OC Ratan Sheikh also administered an oath at the end of the rally. Earlier, Gowainghat Police Station OC Abdul Ahad and Upazila Nirbahi Officer Nazmus Sakib’s book of Telesmati amulets took place on the stage. They handed over the crest of honor to the drug dealer. At one stage, when the matter spread in the local area, they tried to cover up the incident, but immediately a picture went viral through social media.

Later, when the English national daily Morning Glory and CNBangladesh.com published a news about this incident, the administration of Sylhet became restless. But it is a mystery but true that till date the senior officials of Sylhet administration have not been able to take any legal action against the masterminding OC-UNO or bring that Razzak under the law. However, the source confirmed that the mastermind, OC-UNO, is conspiring to blow up the incident by handing over the local lemon chairman. They come together and adopt a new strategy to cleanse themselves. Now they are planning to rearrange the event. Their plan is to make another chess game viral through social media to keep Razzak alive. And the trick is that everyone has to say that giving Razzaq a crest of honor means he will never be involved in such a thing again. What a wonderful activity!

Meanwhile, a video footage of the anti-drug meeting has reached the hands of the reporter. It is seen that no speaker during the meeting on that day said anything like that about Razzak. They then called Razzak a good man?

It has been alleged that Gowainghat Police Station OC Abdul Ahad and UNO Nazmus Sakib took large sums of money from Razzaq in retaliation. Saddam and Razzak are the main godfathers of illegal sand-stone extraction, including the responsibility of drug dealers and linemen in the Jaflong border area. If some of them are two, the salami of collecting the dues of these administration officials will fail. Because they are now busy making this mastermind plan so that the night salami does not stop. The conscious community thinks that legal action should be taken against them immediately.

If you want to talk about this, UNO’s mobile phone was called more than once but his mobile phone was not received. Speaking on the occasion, Jaflong Tourist Police Officer-in-Charge OC Ratan Sheikh told reporters that the chief guest and keynote speaker handed over the crest to Razzak. I did not understand the sacrifice that would be made to me there. At that time, he said, I and the higher authorities have a position against drugs. He said that those who conspired in this matter would be in danger in the end.

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