October 28, 2020, 5:38 pm

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AJM Nasir Uddin Is Still Helping The Disabled Autistic People

Chattogram Bureau: During his tenure as the mayor of Chittagong City Corporation, former city mayor AJM Nasir Uddin, general secretary of Chittagong Metropolitan Awami League,used to distribute his monthly salary among various disabled, autistic organizations and poor and needy students.It expired on August 5. But even after the term expires, he is still helping those with disabilities, autistic people, organizations and poor students. Every month,AJM Nasir Uddin is providing financial assistance to enrolled disabled and poor indigent students from private funds.

On Thursday morning, October 8, Andarkilla Mohaddes distributed checks of financial assistance among 8 disability organizations and various indigent poor students at Villa.
In this regard, former city mayor AJM Nasir Uddin, general secretary of Nagar Awami League, said the government is implementing various initiatives to bring the disabled autistic people back to a healthy and beautiful life.

His activities have spread beyond the country to the international level.It is the infinite mercy of Allah to stand by the people, to have the opportunity to serve the people.I am proud to be by the side of the disabled.

City Awami League Organizing Secretary Chowdhury Hasan Mahmud Hasni, Nispap Autism Foundation, Concern Service for the Disabled, Prerna Autism School and other students were present.
In this regard, Sudipta Ghosh said, when he was the mayor, he used to give us the salary money received from the government.At this time of the Corona period, the former mayor is helping us on his personal behalf.It is absolute generosity.

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