October 28, 2020, 5:12 pm

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Implementation Of Kalurghat Bridge By 2022 : Minister Of Railway

Md Shahadat Hossain: Railway Minister Nurul Islam Sujan has said that the new Kalurghat bridge will be implemented by 2022.

He made the remarks after inspecting the Kalurghat Bridge at 11:30 am on Wednesday (October 7).
Nurul Islam Sujan said, Karnafuli is the traditional river of Chittagong.The demand of the people to build the Kalurghat bridge on this river as a railway cum road bridge is being fulfilled soon. Immediately after taking charge in the ministry,the Prime Minister informed me that the bridge has taken the initiative to build a rail cam road bridge.

He said he later spoke to a team of Korean engineers to find out about the bridge’s progress.
At one point, when I sat in the meeting again,they said that the railway bridge and the road bridge should be separated.”I personally discussed the matter with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in a separate meeting.
I presented Korea’s proposal to the Prime Minister.Then the Prime Minister informed me, not a separate bridge.The bridge will be a railway cum road bridge.

The Railway Minister said,”I have taken initiative to build a railway-cum-road bridge as per the instructions of the Prime Minister.”He came to visit the old bridge.I hope to be able to implement the new Kalurghat bridge by 2022.I sincerely regret that the bridge has not been constructed yet.
He said there would be two-lane road over the bridge.The railway line will be dual gauge.If the bridge is built, it will be possible to establish rail links with India, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

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