October 28, 2020, 5:48 pm

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Goalanda Ghat police arrested 7 people including drug dealers and snatchers

Sheikh Momin: Police have arrested seven people, including a drug dealer and a snatcher from Daulatdia Puravita area of ​​Goalanda upazila in Rajbari: Goalanda Ghat police.
Later, 4 snatchers were fined and 2 drug dealers and 1 snatcher were sentenced to 6 months imprisonment without parole: the mobile court.
In a special operation led by OC of Goaland Ghat Police Station, Muhammad Abdullah Al-Taybir, on Wednesday morning, drug dealers and snatchers were arrested: Goaland Ghat Police.
The fine and jail term were paid at 4:00 p.m.
The convicts are: Rahima Khatun (65), wife of Mizanur Rahman of Daulatdia Sohrab Mandal Para village, a drug dealer of Daulatdia Puravita area. Khodeja Pichi (50), daughter of Alek Malat, a drug dealer from the same area. The snatcher, Akash alias Kalu (19), son of Mozai Mandal of Daulatdia Puravita area. 3 of them were sentenced to 6 months imprisonment without parole.
And fined 4 snatchers in Daulatdia Ghat area Tk 20,000: Mobile court. The arrested snatchers are: Daulatdia Sohrab Mandal of Para village, son of Latif Bepari, Saidul Bepari, son of Akkas Mandal of the same area, Ujjal Mandal, son of Harun Pramanik of the same area, Vijay Pramanik, son of Barek Sardar of the same area, Robin Sardar.
Goaland Ghat Police Station OC Muhammad Abdullah Al-Tayabir said the police arrested drug dealers Khodeja Pichi and Rahima Khatun from Puravita area with heroin in the early hours of the morning. At that time 5 burnt heroin was recovered from them. Earlier, there was a drug case against them in the police station. Police arrested 5 snatchers from Ghat area. A mobile phone was recovered from the hijacker Akash alias Kalu. And this campaign will continue.
When the detainees were handed over to the mobile court in the afternoon, the mobile court’s Upazila Nirbahi Magistrate and Goaland Upazila Nirbahi Officer, Md. Aminul Islam, confirmed the matter and said that the police conducted a raid in Daulatdia Puravita area of ​​Goaland UpazilaTwo women with heroin and five kidnappers from Ghat area were arrested.Heroin and a mobile phone were recovered from them.
In this incident, 4 of them were fined Tk 20,000 each and three of them were sent to Rajbari Jail with 6 months imprisonment

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