October 31, 2020, 3:24 pm

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The maximum punishment for rape is human chain of Shabi students demanding death penalty

Shabi representative : Students of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SHUST) have organized a human chain demanding the death penalty for the rapists involved in the ongoing rape cases across the country. They protested the violence and rape of women with banners, festoons and play-cards in front of the main gate of the university at 11am on Tuesday (October 6th).

‘’Banners and festoons on the human chain contained various protests. ‘No more demands, I want the punishment of rapist, I want the death penalty’, ‘What is the meaning of freedom if the honor at which I got freedom is taken away from the culprits of the country’, ‘Stones should be thrown, beheaded in public’ Etc.’’

Demanding maximum punishment for the rapists in the human chain, the students said that at present, mothers and sisters are worried about his dignity and are not safe anywhere inside or outside the house. We ordinary students are ashamed to see these incidents on a daily basis.

To reduce rape and violence against women across the country, the government needs to provide security at home and abroad so that no other mother or sister is subjected to such abuse. Besides, the students feel that the crime has become epidemic due to lack of fair trial of rape cases.

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