October 30, 2020, 11:04 pm

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Human chain of students against rape and violence against women

Sinthiya Sumi, BSMRSTU correspondent: Students of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University of Science and Technology (BSMRSTU ) have staged a human chain to protest the ongoing rape, barbaric torture of a housewife in Noakhali’s Begumganj, attempted rape and indecent exposure of women and children.

On Tuesday (October 6) at 12:00 noon, they held a human chain program in front of the main gate of the university with black clothes over their eyes and posters, festoons and placards in their hands.

At the time, the students made seven demands: “Revise the rape law to ensure the death penalty, set up a separate speedy trial tribunal for rape cases or crimes, and create a 30-60 working day trial, free treatment for rape and compensation for families.” “To form a separate police task force to prevent rape in the districts, to set up CCTV in secluded streets, to complete the verdicts of all previous cases within six months, and to take legal action if any rape or crime is sheltered with the help of the party.”

Sharif Ahmed, a final year student who participated in the human chain, said, ‘The incidents that come in the media are viral, only those incidents cause movement. More incidents occur, which hang in the balance. I demand a speedy and fair trial of all the incidents discussed and undiscussed.

Demanding maximum punishment for rapists in human chain, the students further said, ‘Rape is a heinous crime. At present, mothers and sisters are scared and frightened of his dignity, not safe anywhere inside or outside the house.

We ordinary students are very ashamed to see these incidents on a daily basis. To stop rape and violence against women across the country, the government needs to increase security at home and abroad so that no other mother or sister has to be abused in this way. Establish a speedy tribunal to provide maximum punishment to the rapists and provide all possible assistance including medical treatment to the rapists.

The posters, festoons and placards in their hands at the time read, ‘Stop rape, when am I being raped? Answer, the only punishment for rape is death penalty, we want rape free Bangladesh, if I am raped like this, where is my freedom, silence on violence against women is no more. Let’s resist, build resistance, etc.

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