October 30, 2020, 9:41 pm

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Aman farmers lost in floods in Pirganj, Aman crop of 2 thousand hectares of land wasted!

Mahmudul Hasan, Pirganj (Rangpur): In Pirganj, Rangpur, a few days ago, heavy rains in the last week of September and floods caused by upstream water caused severe damage to the planted aman and rabi crops. More than 10 thousand farmers have lost their way.

The organization has spoken to a number of farmers who have suffered from multiple sources and losses, many of whom could not afford to pay for crop production, but with loans from various NGOs and moneylenders, they planted aman and rabi crops on the land. But they are extremely worried about the loss of crops in this flood. How will they repay the loans of moneylenders and AGOs? This is the big question in front of them.

Maqbul Hossain, A. Wahab, Sakhawat, Habibur Rahman, Moazzem Hossain, Ruhul Amin, Mohammad Hossain, Amjad Hossain Sarkar, Shafiqul Islam, Saiful, Salam, Rezaul of Dasarpara, Jahangirpur of Chandipur. According to some farmers, 3/4 bigha of each planted aman paddy is still submerged in water. The whole aman crop has been destroyed.

The same is true of onion, brinjal, patal and kapi crops. Due to heavy rains and submergence of land, the entire rabi crop has been destroyed. This is the situation of more than 10 thousand farmers of 9 unions including Kabilpur, Chatra, Tukuria, Madankhali, Pachgachhi, Baradargah of Pirganj.

Meanwhile, according to the Pirganj Upazila Agriculture Department, 1,950 hectares of planted aman and 300 hectares of vegetables were destroyed in the floods. And the amount of loss to the farmer is about 16 crore rupees.

Talking to Sadequzzaman, senior agricultural extension officer of the upazila, he advised to cultivate mustard in the flood-damaged aman fields and said that the farmers have been informed about the loss. Any assistance for the affected farmers will be distributed among the farmers as soon as possible.

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