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2 days weekly leave in school-college

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Dhaka :

Weekly leave is being given for two days in primary, secondary and higher secondary level educational institutions. The subject of this holiday is included in the outline of the new national curriculum. Recently, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina approved the outline.

The implementation of this new curriculum will start from 2023. NCTB member (curriculum) Professor Mashiuzzaman said there would be two days off from that year.

According to NCTB sources, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education can introduce the issue of two days off a week even before the implementation of the curriculum.

Two days off is proposed in the outline of the revised curriculum. When an outline of the new curriculum was presented to the Prime Minister on 13 September, he approved it. Education Minister on the same day. Dipu Moni presented various information about the new curriculum at a press conference.

The education minister said the new curriculum will be piloted in 2022. Its implementation will start from 2023. The implementation of secondary level curriculum will be completed by 2025. Eleventh and twelfth grade curriculum will be implemented in 2026 and 2027.

According to the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB), the curriculum revision proposal in 2020 said that even if the holidays are extended, the educational activities of the students will not be harmed. Their learning time will not be reduced. This is proposed while maintaining international standards. It is also said that this will reduce the physical and mental stress on the students.

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