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2 crore 33 lakh rupees was found in the chest of Pagla Mosque


The donation box of the historic Pagla Mosque in Kishoreganj has been opened after four months and 26 days. The mosque has eight iron donation boxes. These boxes are opened every three consecutive months. But due to Corona, the donation boxes were opened on Saturday (June 19) after about five months. 2 crore 33 lakh 93 thousand 494 rupees were found in the chests. Kishoreganj Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Shamim Alam confirmed the matter.

Additional District Magistrate (ADM) Farida Yasmin, Additional District Magistrate. Ibrahim, Md. Julhas Hasan Shaurav, AGM and other officials of Rupali Bank, members of the management committee and teachers and students of madrasas and orphanages located in the mosque complex participated.

The last time the donation boxes were opened was on January 23. At that time maximum 2 crore 38 lakh 55 thousand 545 rupees and foreign currency and gold ornaments were found. This time the donation boxes have been opened after 4 months and 26 days.

According to the mosque management committee, eight donation boxes of the mosque were opened at 10 am on Saturday in the presence of the officials in charge of the district administration. The boxes were opened and the donation money was first packed in 12 sacks for counting. The work of counting the money was completed at 4:30 in the afternoon.

The money received from the donations of the mosques is spent on various social welfare works in the district, including the mosques, madrasas and orphanages. This time, 80 volunteers of Shaheed Syed Nazrul Islam Medical College Hospital, who are in the service of corona patients, have also been given grants from this donation.

According to the Khatib of the mosque, the locals and people from far and wide, everyone donates here, regardless of religion or caste, from the idea that if the vows are fulfilled, the desires of the mind are fulfilled.

According to sources, at one time a spiritually insane devotee lived in a high mound in the middle of the Narsunda river, which flows between Harua and Rakhuail areas of Kishoreganj city. All the people irrespective of Muslims and Hindus used to travel to the abode of that saint. After the death of the mad saint, the locals started using his shrine as the mosque of Kamel Pagal Pir.

But since the death of that saint, surprisingly, the crowd has been growing. Believing that the desires of the mind are fulfilled by making vows or giving alms, men and women of different religions and castes, including Hindus and Muslims of different ages, come to this mosque with vows.

They donated cash, gold and silver ornaments as well as cows, goats and poultry. Especially every Friday in the name of men and women of different ages who take vows in this mosque. Most of the Muslims who come here perform Friday prayers in this mosque. And this history is known to be more than two and a half years long.

A committee comprising the administration and local dignitaries headed by the deputy commissioner is in charge of the management and maintenance of the mosque. At present Pagla Mosque is one of the historical establishments of Kishoreganj city. The mosque was built on only 10 percent of the land on the banks of the Narsunda River in the Harua area west of the city.

With the perimeter of this mosque, its fame and historical value has also increased. A state-of-the-art religious complex centered on the mosque has been established here.

The main mosque building has also been expanded. Already recognized as one of the country’s most lucrative religious institutions, the mosque has been renamed the Pagla Mosque Islamic Complex. In recent times, extensive development work is going on around the mosque. Also money is spent in various service sectors from the income of these mosques.

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