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1 killed, 12 injured in gunfire in US

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One person was killed and 12 others were injured when gunmen opened fire on a supermarket in the United States, police said. The supermarket is located in Collieryville, Tennessee, Memphis. The body of the gunman was found on the spot. He is thought to have committed suicide by shooting himself in the body.

The incident took place in Collieryville, 56 kilometers east of Memphis, on Thursday afternoon local time, the BBC reported. Police arrived at the scene shortly after the shooting at Kroger’s grocery store. Police from neighboring states are also assisting in the investigation. One of the 12 injured has undergone surgery and the other is in the intensive care unit.

Describing the shooting at the supermarket as the most “horrific incident” in Collierville’s history, he said: “We’ve found people hiding in refrigerators, locked offices. They did what they were trained to do – they ran, they hid, they fought. “

The gunman was not identified. It is being investigated whether anyone else helped him in the attack, the police chief said. He also commented that there was no evidence of terrorism collusion with these incidents.

The gunman was an employee of the same grocery store that was fired on Thursday, local Reg TV reported, citing an unnamed law enforcement source. Kruger’s employee, Brigneta Dickerson, said she instructed other employees and shoppers to follow her to the back of the store after the shooting started and closed the back door. But the gunmen also followed them.

“She is OK. He shot one of my colleagues in the head and then in the stomach of one of the buyers, “said Dickerson. He also appeared to have a military-style gun in his hand.

“I’m a little shaken, but I’m fine. I have found God on my side, ”said the woman. There were 44 employees and countless shoppers in the store at the time of the gunman’s attack, Reuters news agency quoted Lane as saying. The store will remain closed until further notice, Kroger spokeswoman Teresa Dickerson said.

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